Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates has been developed in Australia by Physiotherapists to integrate the Pilates principles of core control, efficient movement patterning and a strong mind-body connection into Rehabilitation. At Theraspace, Clinical Pilates is integral to our overall Physiotherapy management of acute and chronic spinal pain, arthritis management, dance rehabilitation, following joint replacement and spinal surgery, persistent pain problems, recovery from cancer, neurological conditions such as MS, posture correction, balance issues, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Following comprehensive assessment and goal setting with you, we develop an individualised and specific program to directly address pain, muscle imbalance, weakness, postural issues, balance problems and other functional deficits. Our techniques aim to directly treat the underlying pathology. We utilise a range of mat and equipment based exercises and develop a targeted home program to accelerate your progress. Our focus is always to teach you safe, correct and effective exercise technique. We maintain detailed records of your progress and regularly review progress and your goals.

Individual and small group programs are offered, with Clinical Pilates classes offered 6 days per week. 1:1 sessions and Buddy classes can be arranged with your treating Physiotherapist.