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A portrait of Angie Camacho from Theraspace Physiotherapy and Pilates

Meet Angie Camacho

I am a trained physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor, with 45 years of treatment experience across a broad range of acute and chronic conditions. 

I specialise in rehabilitation from injury and surgical procedures, through Clinical Pilates and manual physiotherapy treatment. 


I greatly value the opportunity to build strong partnerships with my patients, as we work together, towards improving confidence, health and quality of life.


I started my career working at rural hospitals in Victoria and overseas in Switzerland, before returning to Australia to gain specific experience in rehabilitation, neurological conditions, complex orthopaedics, multi-trauma accident cases, and pain management.


When I’m not at work, you can find me relishing time with my family and friends, enjoying swimming, keeping my ever expanding collection of indoor plants alive, and laughing at myself when I’m bumbling around with various YouTube fitness videos. 



Conditions Treated

Physiotherapist treating a person on crutches and in a knee brace

Pre- and post-joint surgery rehabilitation

Physiotherapist treating a young woman for neck and back pain using manual therapy

Acute back and neck pain

Physiotherapist showing an elderly man sitting on an exercise ball, how to lift weights safely


A woman balancing well on a balance beam with pointed toe

Multiple Sclerosis

People balancing in an outdoor exercise class, with arms out and eyes closed

Balance problems

A physiotherapist treating a man, who has his arm up, stretching

Acute and chronic pain conditions

Physiotherapist treating a patient’s arm and chest

Cording following Breast Cancer surgery

A woman exercising on a pilates reformer

Core muscle dysfunction

Forest Trees

Why Physiotherapy?

Do you have an acute or chronic condition that is impacting on your ability to enjoy daily life? 

Have you recently had surgery on your knee, hip or back and require rehabilitation? 

Have you been noticing that you’re not as strong or as balanced as you used to be? 

Take charge of your health journey, with the care and support of

Theraspace Physiotherapy and Pilates



You will receive an individualised, targeted treatment program, informed by your goals and history.

Your program may include manual therapy treatments, clinical pilates, home exercises, hydrotherapy, and will always include information and education about your condition.

You will also be provided with active management strategies to support your progress.

A physiotherapist listens to a patient pointing at their knee pain location

A comprehensive 1-1 assessment and treatment of your injury or condition

1 hr

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A physiotherapist instructing a patient working on a Clinical Pilates reformer

A longer 1-1 appointment for treatment and support of complex conditions, or for returning patients

1 hr

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An elderly woman holding a rolled up pilates mat, smiling and relaxed

A weekly Clinical Pilates class for up to 3-4 participants

45 min

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A physiotherapist treats the back of a patient

A 1-1 follow-up appointment for current patients, to provide further treatment and support

30 min

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A physiotherapist doing hydrotherapy with a patient floating on their back in a pool

A 1-1 water-based treatment at Eltham Leisure Centre

45 min

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Two smiling women talking and stretching on a pilates mat

A Clinical Pilates class with a max of 2 participants

35 min

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