Move well, feel well, live well

Theraspace is a safe and supportive therapy space, with an integrated and individualised approach to treatment, which helps you feel  in control of your health journey.


Theraspace's Story

Theraspace Physiotherapy and Pilates was established 15 years ago in Watsonia, to treat patients in and around northern Melbourne. 


After years of working in the management side of physiotherapy, Angie realised that she wanted to get back to working directly with patients, so she started Theraspace. 


Angie is very focused on empowering you to take control of your own health journey, by providing you with home exercises to do in between sessions, and educating you about your condition and your body.  She can also work with you to change your habitual movement patterns, that may be hampering your recovery.

Angie offers you an integrative and seamless experience across the physiotherapy treatment sessions and Clinical Pilates classes.  Your exercise program is designed together with you for your particular circumstances and history, and it evolves as you progress through your treatment. 

So, no matter what your condition is, or your reason for coming, you will be listened to with empathy and care, you will be provided with an individualised exercise plan just for you, and you will receive the support you need every step of the way, wherever your health journey takes you.


Conditions Treated

Angie's comprehensive training, knowledge base and extensive experience allows her to formulate effective manual therapy and individualised safe Clinical Pilates programs, that can help a range of conditions, including:

  • Pre- and post-surgery hip, knee, shoulder and other joint rehabilitation;

  • Acute back pain and neck pain;

  • Arthritis;

  • Multiple Sclerosis;

  • Balance problems;

  • Acute and chronic pain conditions;

  • Oncology rehabilitation, including treatment for cording after breast surgery; and

  • Core muscle dysfunction, that impacts on posture and flexibility.


What to Expect

When you book an Initial Consultation, you will get a thorough one-on-one assessment of your current situation and condition.  Angie will support and guide you, as you set goals together about what you want to achieve with treatment.

During this one-on-one appointment, Angie may perform any of the following treatments:

  • manual therapy;

  • education about your particular condition;

  • an individualised, safe exercise program for home;

  • relaxation training; and/or

  • cognitive and behavioural strategies to help you in daily life.

As you continue on your health journey, ongoing sessions will generally include a mix of the following treatment options:

  • Individual manual therapy sessions to promote healing and correct unhealthy movement patterns;

  • Safe and effective Clinical Pilates group classes where you get to meet others on a similar health journey; and

  • An individualised, safe exercise plan, that is specific to your needs and capabilities, so that you are in control of your recovery, in class and at home.

Fitness Gear

What to Bring

To your initial appointment you should bring any relevant documentation and/or x-rays from doctors or other specialists, regarding your condition.  

On a regular basis however, the usual equipment to bring is:

  • A water bottle;

  • Non-slip socks;

  • Comfortable exercise clothing; and

  • A towel.


COVID19 Updates

COVID restrictions are always subject to change, but due to the higher proportion of vulnerable patients that visit the site, you will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the appointment or class.  You will also need to sanitise your hands before you begin your session.

The equipment is cleaned between every class or appointment, and the studio is equipped with an air purifier in the therapy space.



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