See below for a range of physiotherapy treatment options and Clinical Pilates classes

Are you a new patient?  You can book an Initial Consultation.

If you are a current patient and wish to make a new appointment, you can book a Standard Consultation.

If you are a returning patient with a new condition, or you have not been seen in the last 6 months, please

book an Extended Consultation.

For all hydrotherapy and Clinical Pilates classes, please get in contact directly, or submit a request in the form below.

A physiotherapist listens to a patient pointing at their knee pain location

A comprehensive 1-1 assessment and treatment of your injury or condition

1 hr

A physiotherapist treats the back of a patient

A 1-1 follow-up appointment for current patients, to provide further treatment and support

30 min

A physiotherapist instructing a patient working on a Clinical Pilates reformer

A longer 1-1 appointment for treatment and support of complex conditions, or for returning patients

1 hr

A physiotherapist doing hydrotherapy with a patient floating on their back in a pool

A 1-1 water-based treatment at Eltham Leisure Centre

45 min

An elderly woman holding a rolled up pilates mat, smiling and relaxed

A weekly Clinical Pilates class for up to 3-4 participants

45 min

Two smiling women talking and stretching on a pilates mat

A Clinical Pilates class with a max of 2 participants

35 min



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